Benedict Kee

Phua Shi Ting

Nur Hafizah

Syahirah Afifah

As a group of communication undergraduates who've heard many peers speak of their parents, relatives or grandparents suffering from the disease gout, we believe it is important to raise awareness of this frequently underestimated condition.


With the increase in the standards of living globally, and the transition towards richer diets and more sedentary lifestyles, gout is getting more prevalent and hence it is critical to understand more about this disease that is highly relevant to us but not commonly discussed.


Many of these sufferers are reluctant to go to the doctor when they start feeling the symptoms of gout, but we're here to tell you why you should seek professional medical treatment when you identify symptoms of gout.

Why hawker centre theme?

"Hawker centres are important places for social interaction and community bonding where people share word-of-mouth health information with friends and family"

From our pre-campaign survey of almost 200 respondents, we found that health information is shared mostly through word-of-mouth way (i.e.: over a meal) 🍜

Furthermore in a Nielson study, 83% of Singaporeans have shown to trust word-of-mouth recommendations. According to an online National Library Board article, hawker centres are not just providers of affordable food, they provide a platform for community bonding as well. 🎉

Hence, we decided to recreate that familiar hawker centre look across our campaign to evoke similar emotions of familiarity and comfort one feels for greater engagement and better retainment of our health information! We are bringing the hawker centre to you! ☺️